Our Longings Are Innocent

by Aly Hazlewood on July 16, 2017



Artwork - Christian Schloevery

With the exception of a very small minority, I believe our longings are innocent, our desires life affirming.

Of course it’s also true that craving is the cause of much suffering. So whilst it’s prudent not to buy into it too much, not to lend too much weight to the ‘stories’ of longing and desire, don’t let anyone shame or gaslight you out of your longing to be seen, heard, celebrated and loved. Or your grief-stricken desire for our Mother Earth to be honoured.

Sure, this might all be a dream-like play of existence, but we’ve been gifted these body-minds, these human suits for a few brief, sweet moments. Your longing makes you exquisitely human. Perhaps they’ve mastered depersonalisation in another galaxy, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way here.

I want you to know that I feel great tenderness towards your yearnings. Your willingness to feel is an act of inconceivable valour in a world bent on numbing out. I see you.


Martin Shaw – West Country School of Myth and Story

July 15, 2017

Something insistent and magical happens when I listen to Martin Shaw. I can feel a quickening, a call to the Wild, a deep sense of home; of remembrance. God(dess) stirring in my cells. I’m filled with awe and gratitude for these beauty-weavers who live on the edges, who dare to care so deeply for this Earth [...]

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Why Do Story Tellers Write?

July 12, 2017

Why do story tellers write? Why do they expose their soft, vulnerable underbelly to a sometimes scornful, sometimes indifferent audience? I write because often I cannot contain everything I see, hear and feel, such is the intensity of my bittersweet and painstakingly beautiful lived experience. It has been this way since I was very small. [...]

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‘Interbeing’ Enters the Mainstream

July 12, 2017

Photo credit: Harpo, Inc./ Huy Doan   An inspiring and very heartening essay from change maker and way-seer Charles Eisenstein. 3 years ago I began a process of giving up my personal ambitions in order, as Charles writes “to be an anchor of the field of love that helps the rest of us serve our [...]

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A glimpse into my community in Koh Phangan

July 5, 2017

This beach has been the setting for so many beautiful moments of love and connectivity. Video footage courtesy of Arthur Moore.

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Who Decides What is Reality?

June 25, 2017

Of course I know that I am a stone in the wall of a giant echo chamber that is manipulated heavily by social media wizardry… and I know that I live in a tropical bubble, where truth seekers, rabble rousers and conscientious objectors come to find kin to live among…I know that the open heartedness [...]

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Happy New Year! May We Rise In Integrity

January 5, 2017

2016 was the year of loss and letting go, of people, beliefs, ideas and false hopes. And in these white hot fires of grief, steely backbone is forged. Some of us made it through. Many didn’t. We owe it to the Ones that didn’t to let the old world burn – not that we could [...]

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My Heart Holds It All – A Poem.

November 1, 2016
Thumbnail image for My Heart Holds It All – A Poem.

  My heart holds it all My heart holds the murky depths of loss, hopes dashed against rocks, with the tenacious knowing that it will readily risk it all again for love’s promise. Love turned to salty water, tears I cry to heal myself, are chased by easy laughter that trills from my throat at [...]

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A History of Sexual Assault

October 16, 2016
Thumbnail image for A History of Sexual Assault

This is undoubtedly the most challenging, vulnerable post I have ever written. In the aftermath of Trump’s ‘hot mic’ revelations of his practice of sexually assaulting women BECAUSE HE CAN, I lay awake for hours feeling a trauma response course through my body. Feelings of rage, of impotency, of shame and even a little despair [...]

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Sunscreen Chemicals to Avoid

July 27, 2016
Thumbnail image for Sunscreen Chemicals to Avoid

  Infographic courtesy of Odylique.co.uk. Odylique Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 is organic and fair-trade, and I will be testing this soon for review, so keep your eyes peeled.  

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Amnesty International – Look Beyond Borders

May 24, 2016
Thumbnail image for Amnesty International – Look Beyond Borders

Today I saw this very beautiful little piece of celluloid from Amnesty International and felt to repost it here on my blog for a couple of reasons; 1. It reminded me of the after-school club I used to attend in the 80′s. Once a week, a small group of students and teachers would stay behind [...]

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Volunteering in Thailand – Samma Karuna Healing, Awakening and Yoga School

May 12, 2016
Thumbnail image for Volunteering in Thailand – Samma Karuna Healing, Awakening and Yoga School

For the past couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering at Samma Karuna School of Healing & Awakening, located on Had Cha Pao beach, Koh Phangan. With the energy exchange of 4 hours work a day, 6 days a week, I am able to participate in the school’s full Healing and Awakening programme, [...]

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Cacay Naturals 100% Oil – Natural, Organic Skincare That Packs a Punch

May 12, 2016
Thumbnail image for Cacay Naturals 100% Oil – Natural, Organic Skincare That Packs a Punch

  Cacay Oil is the latest ‘wonder oil’ to hit the hugely overcrowded skin care market and comes from wild harvest Cacay trees in the Colombian Amazon. High-end facial skincare sales have largely been flat over the past year, but face-oil sales surged 24 percent to $42 million, data from NPD Group show. They’ve more than doubled [...]

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14 Things I learned living in ‘conscious community’

March 1, 2016
Thumbnail image for 14 Things I learned living in ‘conscious community’

1. I’ve learned that wherever you go, there you are. No truer words have been spoken, there’s simply no escaping yourself. I naively thought that community living could be the answer to my problems, might soothe the lifelong solitude in my soul, but was rapidly disavowed of this notion. 2. In a similar vein, I’ve [...]

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Off the beaten track – Ko Jum, Thailand

February 3, 2016
Thumbnail image for Off the beaten track – Ko Jum, Thailand

Ko Jum Island, 25 miles south of Krabi, is just a short ferry ride away (350 baht, departing Krabi port at 11.30am daily) and is still something of an off-the-beaten-track paradise. Mercifully free of late night bars pumping out cheesy house music along the shoreline, it still has a sleepy, laid back vibe, punctuated by [...]

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Discover the Antidote to Shame

January 24, 2016
Thumbnail image for Discover the Antidote to Shame

  Every afternoon at the New Life Foundation, the residents benefit from workshops ranging from topics such as mindfulness, self development, addiction recovery, creativity, and communication skills. This week, Life Coach Samina facilitated a workshop addressing the sticky topic of ‘Shame’. Centred around Brene Brown’s excellent and surprisingly humorous TED talk on vulnerability and shame, [...]

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What is EMDR Therapy? A Personal Experience.

January 24, 2016
Thumbnail image for What is EMDR Therapy? A Personal Experience.

One of the many great things about New Life is the number of different therapeutic modalities on offer, ranging from refuge recovery for addiction, the Hakomi method, TRE, Dance Mandala, EFT, Art therapy, core process psychotherapy and more. We are currently very fortunate to have Ani Konchog on the Life Coach team again this year. [...]

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