About This Blog

My name is Aly Hazlewood. For around 15 years, a lucrative career as a celebrity Make Up Artist and Beauty Editor of several glossy magazines took me to some of the most beautiful and outwardly ‘glamourous’ places in the world. Experiences for which I remain extremely grateful.

In 2009, this blog was born from that very particular lifestyle and time I inhabited. Essentially this was once an expert beauty blog which also chronicled my career, high-profile clients and luxury travels. However, writing about ‘stuff’ soon wore very thin, along with my tolerance for the darkness and vacuity of the celebrity, fashion and beauty industries.

My blog’s focus changed as my life focus changed, centered more around the topics of well-being and travel. I deleted many years worth of posts that I simply could not stand behind, repelled by my contribution to the rise of pointless consumerism, celebrity-obsession and the spread of the insidious, pervasive media message that women are simply ‘not enough’ exactly as they are…. but just might be able to buy their way into wholeness. 

Now, in it’s most recent incarnation, my blog has taken a much more personal direction. A recital of self-realisation if you will.  In September 2015, I left behind my successful, hard-won career, long-term relationship, home, family and friends to travel, to heal; both physically and emotionally, to volunteer in French refugee camps, and eventually to study Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga in South East Asia. Many will likely roll their eyes. God(dess) knows the world hardly needs another mid-life crisis journal penned by a middle aged, white(ish) woman ‘discovering’ herself. And that’s totally ok by me. At this juncture, I write purely because my soul needs expression. If some of it resonates, ace. If not, no matter.

Welcome to my scribblings. 

Photography by Andrew Leo, 2010

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