Baby Face Cleansing Bar

by Aly Hazlewood on April 26, 2012

‘BABY FACE’ is the latest addition to the ‘Essential Beauty Oils’ range available to buy online at Created by Kirstie Garrett, co-founder of the natural aromatherapy brand Balance Me, this fresh, natural and seasonal aromatherapy range of products are specifically designed to feed and protect the skin with moisture and nutrients, according to the season. We all know the tight, dry feeling that winter, central heating and cold can generate in the skin, and equally, Spring and Summer change the skin’s needs and response to products. 

Soap gets a bit of a bad rap these days, many of us avoid it in our cleansing routine as it can be very drying to the skin, contain chemicals, parabens and SLS. Not so the Baby Face Cleansing Bar, made with Coconut Oil and Asses Milk which is famed for it’s skin softening properties (after all, Asses Milk was good enough for Cleopatra, so it’s good enough for us). It also contains soothing Chamomile and Marshmallow and is free from Palm Oil because:

“One in ten mass produced foods on shelves in British supermarkets are estimated to contain palm oil, and each year the demand for palm oil grows worldwide. The result is the burning of vast tracts of virgin forest in Malaysia and Indonesia to create space for ever larger palm oil plantations to supply that demand. Found in everything from digestives to shampoo, from Pot Noodles to KitKats, these products are contributing to the devastation of the natural habitats of thousands of creatures. Perhaps the most iconic of these creatures is the orang-utan, who is being killed at the rate of an estimated 5,000 a year! According to Friends of the Earth there are now fewer than 60,000 orang-utans left, even basic maths tells us that if this is true then the orang-utan has less than 12 years left before they are extinct!”

Having tested the Cleansing Bar, I can confirm that the high levels of proteins, vitamins and lipids from the asses milk content of the bar cleanse your skin with no dryness or tightness whatsoever. Skin feels beautifully soft and nourished, even my dry shins that have been peeling slightly from over exposure to the Miami sunshine. You can find out more about the benefits of Asses Milk here  

It takes 6 weeks to cure the asses milk so the production of these bars is fairly limited, which is reflected in the price tag of £17.45, however you receive an organic cleansing cloth with your purchase. Lovely.




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