‘Interbeing’ Enters the Mainstream

by Aly Hazlewood on July 12, 2017


Photo credit: Harpo, Inc./ Huy Doan


An inspiring and very heartening essay from change maker and way-seer Charles Eisenstein.

3 years ago I began a process of giving up my personal ambitions in order, as Charles writes “to be an anchor of the field of love that helps the rest of us serve our purpose”. Lately I’ve been giving this a great deal more thought as I’m feeling called into even deeper service, while experiencing significant fear and resistance to the path that is unfolding.

Charles writes of “morphic resonance: any change that happens in one place creates a field that allows the same kind of change to happen elsewhere. Acts of kindness strengthen the field of kindness, acts of love strengthen the field of love, acts of hate strengthen the field of hate.”

This is my lived experience, so I’m really grateful to see the radical, vital ideas of ‘interbeing’ that Charles writes of spreading to mainstream formats such as Oprah. It’s high time. We need each other.

If you haven’t read Charles’s books ‘Sacred Economics’ and ‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible’, do yourselves a big favour and order.

Charles Eisenstein.net/essays/The Age Of We Need Each Other

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