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The Ultimate Candida Diet Part I

by Rebecca Pearson on March 24, 2014

You know what, I’m not delighted to be talking about this – us women are meant to be constantly ladylike and not talk about our bodies. But then again, I’m pretty famous now among my friends for talking about my vagina. Plus, an estimated 70% of people have candida in their gut (men and women!), and, though some people are happily unawares, that means that millions of us are suffering from it.

- Brain fatigue
- Head fog
- Headaches
- Digestive problems
- Thrush

Do any of those sound familiar? For me it was the head fog, brain fatigue and, yes, thrush. Which is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when most of my friends get it too (that or cystitis – what a choice!) but also not something we’re encouraged to discuss in polite company. But we really should be discussing it, because so many suffer from it – especially when some of the effects of candida can include severe allergies, fatigue, frequent colds, joint pain and UTIs (again, men and women).

After suffering for two years, I decided to try the Lisa Richards Ultimate Candida Diet Program. I didn’t want to. I love food, I love variety in food and I hate being limited in choice. I’m healthy, cooking nearly every meal from scratch and favouring fresh and organic over processed and junk food. Diets aren’t for me, and I’ve never stuck to one for more than, oooh….an hour? But I’ve tried everything – the over-the-counter pills, antibiotics constantly for two years – and I was about to be put on really hardcore medication that would require me to go to hospital for monthly liver testing. The fact is, candida is caused by imbalance in your gut, so the medication was pointless – as soon as I stopped, it would come back again, because the meds would have created yet more imbalance.

I can’t recommend this diet enough. I’ll do a couple of posts about it, because there’s so much to discuss for one blog post, but basically: it’s not for the faint hearted. You have to completely cut out sugar, alcohol, bread, cheese, fruit, starchy veg and many more things besides. The first week is hell, because it’s very strict. The whole course of the diet requires planning, money, vast Tupperware ownership and becoming the sort of person who asks, “is this organic? What’s in the dressing exactly?” But it also really works. I’m FREE of thrush and I’m FREE of worrying about it. No longer will I pretend to be having fun at parties, whilst simultaneously dreaming of being lowered into a bath full of yoghurt.  Plus I have far more mental clarity, glowing skin, rich, shampoo-advert hair, a flatter stomach, I haven’t had so much as a sniffle all winter – and it’s amazing how many things I can now make with an aubergine…

TBC… $37/£22.43

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Rachel December 9, 2014 at 11:59 am

How long did you stick to the Candida Diet for? I’m in my second week and have been really strict but the cramping and bloating is pretty bad. Did you feel like you could hardly work?

jeremiah January 22, 2016 at 9:44 pm

This was a very good post. Finding the time and actual effort to produce an informative article… but what can I
say… I procrastinate a lot and never seem to get anything done.

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