Cacay Naturals 100% Oil – Natural, Organic Skincare That Packs a Punch

by Aly Hazlewood on May 12, 2016



Cacay Oil is the latest ‘wonder oil’ to hit the hugely overcrowded skin care market and comes from wild harvest Cacay trees in the Colombian Amazon. High-end facial skincare sales have largely been flat over the past year, but face-oil sales surged 24 percent to $42 million, data from NPD Group show. They’ve more than doubled over the past two years, and this new skin care ingredient is set to bolster figures even further.

I was sent a bottle of Cacay Naturals Oil to review a while ago, but my travel plans kept changing and as I write this I’m still in Thailand for at least another month. So I enlisted the help of my dear Mum to trial the Cacay Oil for me. The blurb states the following credentials;

  • 50% more vitamin E than Argan Oil.
  • Twice the amount of Linoeic Acid than Argan Oil.
  • 3 times more Retinol than Rose Hip Oil.
  • 100% Cacay Oil, no blended oils, no preservatives
  • 100% Natural and 100% Organic.

Like me, my Mum has very oily skin and as a result looks much younger than her years, however we both also share some sun damage and hyper pigmentation. Mum said that the overall texture and softness of her skin improved considerably, and that she felt there was also noticeable fading of fine lines, pigmentation marks and discolouration. However, she felt that it wasn’t suitable for daytime use because make up didn’t sit too well over the top with her already oily skin. She also said it has a kind of nutty smell which takes some getting used to, but wouldn’t let that put you off because the results are so good after a couple of weeks of nightly use.

As I’ve recently written, I have paired back my skincare and make up routine drastically in the last year, for reasons of social/ethical conscience, health, finances and pure simplicity – so I love that an entirely natural, organic product packs such a punch in terms of benefits to the skin. With a bit of luck there will still be some left in the bottle for me to test when I return home in June!

Unfortunately I don’t have any details about the sustainability of production of Cacay Oil as yet, but as soon as I receive some information I’ll update the post.

You can buy Cacay Naturals – 100% Oil online here for £32.79


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