Natural Festival Beauty – Post Glasto report

by Aly Hazlewood on July 19, 2011

Make Up Artist Lucy McKeown gives the lowdown on Glastonbury Survival, the natural way.

Laboratoires Klorane Dry Seboregulating Shampoo with nettle extract.

The extremes in weather at this years festival allowed for perfect yet challenging conditions to test a dry shampoo. In the past I have taken a very well known high street version with me which has only ever masked nasty festival odours and done very little else to combat the mess of my poor neglected hair.  The same cannot be said for this.

“Based on nettle exract which regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, natural polysaccharides (carbohydrates to you and I) micronised powders with a very powerful oil-absorbing capacity and cyclodextrins (sugar compounds) this dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and allows you to wash your hair less often with liquid shampoo in the case of greasy or very greasy hair.”

I was utterly soaked upon arriving at Glastonbury this year which dried my scalp out. I didnt need to use this until day 3 when the sun cracked the flags and “hat head” had well and truly set in. My hair was pretty much stuck to my head. Atrractive, I think you will agree. The first thing I noticed is that it has a very light barely there fragrance. It’s ever so slightly minty but not in the slightest bit over powering. You spray a light coating over the entire head, leave for a few minutes then brush out.

It literally transformed my hair from greasy, limp and flat back to an almost freshly washed state. It was shiny, full and odour free. I did need to use it every day from there on in. The shampoo seemed to last about 8 hours before my hair started to flop but all in all, I was very pleased to still be able to go hat free up until the last day of the festival. Available from John Lewis for £7.50.

Faith In Nature 3-in-1 Facial Wipes

When you are carrying your entire life on your back, faced with a mile long trek to a decent camping spot in torrential rain and ankle deep mud, anything that saves space is a god send. That was the first bonus of these all natural, paraben free wipes. However, they aren’t really THAT space saving.

Usually at festivals I take baby wipes and my SPF 25 moisturiser. Baby wipes are a one wipe fits all solution to festival hygiene including makeup removing etc. No matter how moisturising a wipe claims to be, I know with my dry skin that I will always need a separate moisturiser and always with an SPF.

Festivals aside, these wipes are quite lovely. The viscose material they are made from feels like silk against your skin and their makeup removing powers are quite something. They managed to disolve all trace of a bright blue lightening bolt I had painted across my friends face in grease paint for our Lady Gaga themed night of dancing.

I wouldn’t specifically seek out these wipes for festivals but I would definitely use them again for everyday cleansing. My dry sensitive skin absolutely loved the boost of vitamin C and after a day in the sunshine the organic Aloe Vera felt like I had plunged my face into a bowl of ice cold water. Very soothing indeed. My skin was visibly refreshed and smooth too. The wipes themselves are quite large so although you only get 25 you can easily get away with cutting them in half for twice the value. Worth every penny of the £3.10 price tag. Buy online from

Amplex Natural Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 60ml

I am a devout aerosol girl when it comes to deodorants. However when you are getting ready in a tent that is the size of a small kitchen cabinet, you don’t want to be spraying powdery smellies in there. You would quite easily suffocate or become an inadvertent solvent abuser. Not good.

I did a quick search and this is a really reasonably priced anti-persirant. It ranges between £0.85 and £2 depending on where you buy it. For the price it really is a good little product. Fundementally it did what it said on the bottle (24 Hour protection, suitable for sensitive skin, alcohol free to ensure high skin tolerance, contains Aloe Vera so it’s kind to skin, anti-stain formula, non sting ingredient) but what I liked the most about this is that it dried really quickly on my skin. That’s the number one reason I don’t use roll on’s in everyday life. The sticky, damp period you get meaning you have to flap your arms about like a maniac or get the hair dryer out. Pleasantly enough, after about 20 seconds this was touch dry.

It doesn’t overpower you with it’s scent either. It’s very subtle and just smells clean so if you want a strong smelling deodorant to cover up any slightly nasty festival smells, this may not be the one for you. It kept me fresh and dry throughout numerous energetic dance routines, tightly packed crowds and the mile hike to the Stone Circle from the Pyramid stage. It will be in my festival backpack again. Available to buy at Superdrug for £1.

Amplex Breath Freshening Capsules - ”Anti smoking, anti garlic, anti plaque.”

At Glastonbury, all of the above need to be dealt with in addition to dirty cider breath. These tiny little spherical “capsules” come in a really handy plastic dispenser which meant that by the time I camped up, they were the only thing in my possession that wasn’t soaked through from the torrential rain.

As with most breath fresheners and gum nowadays, they are sugar free and low calorie. So what makes them a viable alternative to gum? Well not much really. When I first tried one, I was expecting a minty freshness similar to maybe a Tic-Tac but I actually got an over powering taste of what I can only describe as mens aftershave. You know the type that would be called “Ice Blast” or “Cool Breeze”? Not pleasant.

My breath did feel fresher afterwards but the effect just doesn’t last that long.  I think because they work on the stomach to neutralise the sulphates that form there rather than on freshening your mouth and gums, the effect feels minimal.

Would I swap from my trusty gum? No. They helped with the first dash to the toilets and ensured my morning breath didn’t kill the nice lady at the coffee stand but for long lasting breath confidence, it’s gum every time. Approx. £2 from independent pharmacies.

Dr Organic Tea Tree Cream

A natural antiseptic, this cream is a must have for any festival rucksack. Providing a natural protective antiseptic barrier, this cream contains pure bioactive and organic tea tree – well documented as being one of the most powerful natural antiseptics. This cream is perfect for bites, stings, mild abrasions and very cooling on sunburn, just apply to area as required. I once developed a nasty infection from the tiniest cut on my wrist whilst at a festival, and suffered months of painful side effects from a blood infection, so it really pays to keep a good natural antiseptic with you. Available from £4.99

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