Positivity Junkies. Brrrrr.

by Aly Hazlewood on July 21, 2017


Feel like I need a power shower after an earlier encounter with one of the ‘power-of-positive-thinking’ transcendence junkies that this little island seems to attract in such large numbers.

Preach your reckless hope elsewhere. For me, leaning into the darkness is the truly radical act that leads to transformation.

I find positive affirmations to be no less of a spiritual bypass than shopping, eating, f*cking, drinking or drugging our way out of pain. (And yes, I’ve done all of the above at various stages).

To lean in, to map our mental microclimate, makes us more insightful, not less. To unveil the shunned or the shamed things brings light to where there was none. Dive into those barrelling waves or be pummelled.

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